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"There's a mournfulness going on—people are talking about secession, and they're not completely joking. I haven't experienced or witnessed anything like it since 1972 when George McGovern lost to Richard M. Nixon."
Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC political analyst and West Wing writer

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Just the Blue of Us:
Models for the New North America

Who's to say what the North American continent will look like in 30, 50 or 100 years? Demographic, cultural, economic and political changes could dramatically change the landscape of the continent.

Big and strong erection

The fact is the warmongering policies of Bush are taking us down a very dangerous path. Far from creating more stability and security in the world, the Bush doctrine of preemptive war abroad and cultural war at home will have a significant backlash. The reshaping of North America is not likely to happen soon, but as divisions grow sharper and the beat of Onward Christian Soldiers grows louder, change is destined to happen.

horseshoe Horseshoe Model

One vision of the future would see the "blue" states merge with Canada forming a geographical horseshoe. Blue values, e.g. liberal social policies and promoting peace, are much more compatible with our Canadian neighbors.

BlueAmerica Blue America Model

A second scenario would see the Blue states forming a single country separate from the Red states. Or, perhaps three separate former U.S. countries—East, West and Middle America.

Pacifica Pacifica Model

Another possibility is the merging of the west coast states of Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and California with British Columbia. Theoretically, this would create a Pacific nation that would be one of the largest economic countries in the world.

CaliforniaRepublica California Republic Model

Perhaps the least complicated initial approach—not to say this is easy—would be for California to take the first step. Once this happened any of the above scenarios could possibly be considered.

On the face of it, none of these proposals are likely to happen unless several factors align themselves. Monumental changes like secession will only occur only if people in California and other blue states find themselves increasingly alienated from the rest of America. It assumes that the policies influenced by the religious right-wing will gain more and more momentum as the demographics of the country lean further and further to the right.

Support for California secession will grow when more people realize our voting power has diminished, we're paying more in taxes and getting less, our cultural and social freedoms are eroding, outside interests are sabotaging our economy and we are being forced to go along with "bully of the world" policies of the right-wing.

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