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Comments from readers

New California Republic posts a select number of responses both pro and con. If you would like to contribute a longer, thoughtful essay favoring one view or another, please submit it to Paste your comments in the body of the email. No attachments please. Thank you for visiting New California Republic.

Date posted
I have thought that this should be a possibility for a while. Of course, would it mean civil war on our own land? Probably. There's no way it would happen without a fight. Furthermore, what's with the comment about the Terminator?! I didn't vote him into office and I'm sure anyone interested in seccession would NOT be interested in him as president! Comments like this make this campaign seem flakey and silly at best.
--Chelsea (Oakland, CA)

I'm a Californian, born and raised. I also hold fairly radical political views- radical, at least, in the eyes of many of my fellow Americans. I'm ashamed to be called an American because of what my country is doing to its own citizens, by destroying education, health care, and equal rights, and because of what my country is doing to the people, specifically the poor people, of other countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and so many other places. But, as much as I'm ashamed of my country, I would disagree with the idea that California should secede. I believe that this is a selfish idea, one that puts the interests of ourselves above all else and basically says to the rest of the world, "Deal with your own problems. We'd rather live in our little liberal utopia." I think that as conscientious, progressive minded people, we have a responsibility to stand up against what our country is doing and force it to change its ways. I'm not deluding myself into thinking that this is an easy or quick task, but I can't accept the idea that it can't be done. Instead of focussing our energy on taking the easy way out and simply distancing ourselves from our country, we need to instead take back our country from the fundamentalist and corporate interests that are running it as we speak. To all of you who are willing to devote your time and energy to a California secession movement, please reconsider and devote that same amount of time and energy into making the rest of the world a better place. Join or create an anti-war organization in your area and educate the American people about how wrong our actions are. Demand funding for education and health care and an end to the corporate welfare that is stealing our livelihood. Work in whatever way you think will be most effective at changing the course of this country- but please, don't abandon this country and all the people who are depending on us to make it change its ways.
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--Brandi (San Francisco, CA)
I want to live in a country I can be proud of.
--Nic (Santa Cruz, CA)
With a Republican dominated congress, executive, and judiciary, the idea of impeachment does not seem workable at this time. The administration of George W. Bush is way, way too dangerous to be allowed to ride herd over individual rights, constitutional principle, and international law and decency. We cannot allow it to run the country unopposed for the next four years. There must be some legitimate organized form of opposition to the burgeoning tyranny of this right-wing proto-dictator. Though I have not yet examined all the ramifications of secession, it seems to me that the threat of secession of the state of California would be a legitimate, and constructive way of creating an opposition movement to counteract an out-of-control national government. At this point, I am strongly in favor of Californians organizing to at least consider the possibility of secession. It is my understanding that California sends something like $60 billion more in federal taxes, than it recieves in services in return. The threat of removing this amount of money from the national economy is not insubstantial. Therefore, a serious secession movement could have serious clout.
--Jeff (Riverside, CA)
Although I hope that it will not come to secession, if domination at the hands of the corporate theocrats continues, it may be our only option to protect our liberties, culture and enviroment. Note that I am not a nationalist. Nationalism is like wine. A glass every so often is good for the heart, but unfortunately, we're all alchoholics. However, if we need to, we can use nationalism to gain independence. I would advise it, as it is a powerful tool. At my school, even before the election, there is a growing sense of pride and a feeling of cultural difference from the rest of the united States.
--Steve (San Francisco, CA)
I am interested in a peaceful secession, preferably agreed upon by both California and the erstwhile United States.
--Matthew (Sacramento, CA)
If you leave the union, I think you should take other states with you to form a larger nation. Just be sure to give citizenship to those fleeing the red states like me =)
--Jacob (West Lafayette, IN)
I've long considered secession to be an extreme and last-resort option, even with the rise of the extreme religious right and constraints placed on the liberty of everyone else--everything from the lack of church-state separation to the anti-gay propaganda and limits on free speech. However, since the 2004 election, there's one area in particular which has forced me to rethink and more seriously consider the secession option: The apocalyptic foreign policy obsessions of the religious fundies that currently rule the USA.
Many of the extreme fundies (Dispensationalists, like Tom Delay and James Inhofe) fantasize about a massive nuclear war centered in the Middle East, which they believe would entail "true believers" being raptured into heaven. This is far from an idle belief-- many Dispensationalists so ardently believe in it that they want to expand and use the US nuclear arsenal, and they also want to initiate a big, ugly war in the Middle East that would (supposedly) rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem and bring about the Rapture. These beliefs, of course, would involve *all* of us, and the tremendous anger they inspire would fuel terrorism against the US which would, of course, hit California and big Blue State cities more than red states. And unfortunately, even if a Dem slips into the White House in '08, the fundies will be back in power soon enough, even more fired up and ready to impose their agenda. So the extreme fundies have their cake and eat it too-- they get to start their massi! ve Mideast war, and it's those secular Blue State big-cityites who pay the worst price. (I know there are many decent Red-Staters who see the folly of this, too--just speaking in general patterns here.) The extreme fundies are responsible in large part for our current policy in Iraq and elsewhere in the Mideast--they're pushing for Israeli settlements more than even most Israelis themselves want.
If the Religious Right extremists succeed in plunging the US into an extended Mideast war with possibly nuclear ramifications, then our *only choice* in California and sympathetic regions elsewhere in Blue (and Red) State country is secession from the looming disaster. The madness of the current US foreign policy under Bush and the neocons directly endangers the safety and survival of us in Blue-State cities, and that's not right--we are harmed far more than we gain by being in the Union, and that's a blatant violation of the Social Contract, as Locke, Rousseau, and Jefferson have stipulated. As I said, I still consider secession to be a last-resort option, but if the fundies and neocons persist in dragging the rest of us into bloody, disastrous wars in the Middle East to fuel their ultra-religious and nationalistic fantasies, then it's time to part ways. There's too much danger for those of us who want to continue living in a place that actually embraces the Enlightenm! ent. We need to take this notion seriously and watch developments carefully.
--Jack (Boston, MA)
We in California need to send a message to the rest of the United States that values mean something other than preventing people from having the kind of sexual relations that they want to have. We need to show the nation and the world that being human is not something to be ashamed of, and that life is too valuable to be taken away in warfare or any other act of violence. We need to show the world that George W. Bush is not our true president as long as he continues to devalue the sanctity of individual life and liberty by undermining the Constitution and kowtowing to religious fundamentalists. I believe that the best way to show the world all of these things is to seriously consider, plan for, threaten, and then take steps to peacefully and abicably secede from the union.
--Matt (Davis, CA)
There are a long list of difficulties that predate the last two elections, and seperates California Blue State Republicans from "Red-publicans" . . . call it Pacifica or Ecotopia, the Pacific Blue States, not just California, can no longer tolerate being taxed to support the welfare states of Old America but given little or no say in the national character or policies.
A lifelong Republican; Ecotopia Now!
--Roger (Pasadena, CA)
While born American, I can no longer be proud of the things that my country continues to do in my name. I no longer feel I am represented in the federal arena, and do not believe these differences can be resolved with the current stubborness that my country is being ruled with.

--Jeffrey (Los Angeles, CA)
Please stop perpetuating the confusion of the whoring of the Republican party to the religious fundamentalists with those of us who have conservative political views. I am a conservative, which means I am strict constitutionalist and support free speech and the right to bear arms equally. It also means I believe in freedom for people to do as they wish within the bounds of constitutional law. If it doesn't affect me, I don't care, and it's none of my business. Gay marriage? It doesn't affect me, I don't care, it's none of my business.
Unfortunately, there is no longer a political party of conservatism, and perpetuating the myth that conservatism and religious fundamentalism are somehow related only supports the religious fanatics who have hijacked the GOP. The question "Do you favor California secession?" cannot have the answer "Only if conservative domination continues", because a conservative government wouldn't be sticking it's nose into other people's b! usiness. A more accurate option is "Only if the rise of christian religious fundamentalism domination continues". And don't confuse my views with those of Libertarians who are anti-government. Libertarians are essentially anarchists who would have us all be slaves to mega-corporation states. Conservatives are against extreme concentrations of power and believe people are best off when they make their own decisions for themselves, e.g. abortion rights. Conservatism is the true political center of America, and the religious fascists want to hang on to the label just as much as they want to paint the Democratic party as "liberals"; thus they bamboozle a poorly-educated and emotional electorate into voting for a regime which undermines the constitution at every opportunity. Support the constitution and see the current political climate for what it is.
--Andy (Duvall, WA)
Just wanted to say that its not just the left that favors this, the right does too, look at web pages like and books like this: Democracy: The God that Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order by Hans-Hermann Hoppe which supports the idea of secession.
--David (Newberg, OR)
Due to financial constraints (the location of my job) I, exist, in South Carolina, the "buckle" of the Bible Belt, the cynosure of the theocracy these Religious Right idiots want the U.S. to become. You at MoveonCalifornia may not be aware that there is a concurrent movement to move even more ultraconservative Christians to South Carolina within the next several years so that IT may secede from the U.S. Check out their website:
Anyway, I am plotting a move from S.C. to your wonderful state, which I visited for the first time last year, and felt like I was meant to live there. Philosophically and culturally, going from S.C. to California is like going on a time travel mission from the 19th century to the 21st century.
After the results of the 2004 election, I've become even more disgusted with the mindset of people in S.C., but I realize, appalled, that S.C. only exemplifies what the rest of the U.S. (especially the red states) is becoming.
One day I was musing that California, Washington state, and Oregon should consider secession. Then just a few days ago I was (masochist that I am) reading a bile-spewing, hate-filled "article" on some horrible conservative website on which people were, predictably, ranting and raving about how "out of touch" liberals are, blah blah blah... But it had a link to your site, and upon entering your site I was happy to find that so many people think what I'd been thinking. So, please put me on your e-mail list.
--Tracey (Greenville, SC)
Fantastic, congrats on getting this set up. I can tell its already making waves. If I might, I'd like to shamelessly invite friendly readers to also check out the California Liberation Front and its guerrilla advertising and local activism campaigns. Check out: Unite for Secession!!!
--G (Los Angeles, CA)
I think it is great someone is finally doing somthing about this corrupt government. I think Florida should also secede, it is a sad day when simply being smart will keep you from winning an election. I have always been a proud american, but when bush won the second time I was, for the first time in my life ashamed to be an american. I have even heard of british news casts saying things like "how could so many dumb people live in one place." 5 years ago that would have made me mad, but today, we deserve it. Definitely keep me updated, if you suceed, I might be movin to Cali.
--Dan (Kissemmee, FL)
I want to roll up my sleeves AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!! Count me in to support this --so long as the movement remains lawful and legal. I also support a broader based indpendence of 4 states: CA, OR, WA, HA (see but the lynchpin would be the seccession of California. California pays out $29B more in Federal Taxes each year than we get back. So WE subsidize policies of unproductive states that we disagree with. WE CAN DO THIS - let us make this happen.
--Steve (Petaluma, CA)
Secession of California and /or Cascadia and the other blue states is a must. A Democratic presidential victory in the future is simple not going to happen. Our nation is becoming more polarized and there's no end in sight. Lets just stop this charade and quit pretending that the USA is united when it is not, and never will be united ever again. Secession seems to be the only answer!
--Patrick (Dayton, OH)
I am proud to be a Californian, ashamed to be considered an American.
--Denis (Azusa, CA)
Quite a large portion of your economy comes from (a) defense industry which will hurt if secession were to happen but won't kill the idea -- and (b) farming which is dependent on Colorado river water (and just ask Mexico how that works). And water will trump all other concerns (even oil) in the near future. I like your idea, but unless you figure this out, you don't have a chance.
--Christopher (Natick, MA)
Would love to get more involved but at this point I'm not even an American yet. I've been living in California for 4 years. I love it. It's the greatest place on earth. I would love to call myself a Californian, but I'm not sure I want to be an American anymore.
--Benoit (Mountain View, CA)

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