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Comments from readers

New California Republic posts a select number of responses both pro and con. If you would like to contribute a longer, thoughtful essay favoring one view or another, please submit it to Paste your comments in the body of the email. No attachments please. Thank you for visiting New California Republic.

Date posted
Hey Everyone, Does anyone else but me think that we in California ARE the USA and it is the red staters that should secede? We are blue staters. Washington, D.C. is in effect a blue state, Kerry carried it. Let's boot the crackers out and take our rightful place as the only sane government available to Americans right now.
--Larry (Van Nuys, CA)

please tell me thids is possible...anyway it's a nice thought. just want to lend my support
--Lisa (San Francisco, CA)

I'm glad people are thinking about this!
--Donnis (Berkeley, CA)

I support 100% the non-violent effort to secede from the U.S. I have no desire to see the natural and engineered beauty of California blasted to rubble by the U.S. military - so can't support any kind of armed attempts. I'm ready to volunteer to circulate petitions, attend meetings, write speeches and any other tasks necessary to make this a real movement. I think the first step is getting it put on the ballot. It won't pass (the first time) but it will generate the discussion necessary among the more moderate and/or apolotical citizens of California. It could also help to publicize the movement as something more than the crazy scheme of a few left-wing nuts. (Having some respected, non-radical seeming spokesperson would help - sorry, I love Ralph Nadar, but your average voter thinks he's too radical) I think people are ready to hear this, but it takes time to change minds. Remember, womens' suffragists were considered dangerous and insane - initially.
--Lorraine (Oakland, CA)
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I support the concept of secession wholeheatedly. I am from Minnesota originally and I think that state should secede too (My e-mail address contains the name of my proposed new nation of southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin). I think the best way to go about this would be advocacy of a Constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right of states to secede.
--John (San Francisco, CA)

Greetings from Jesusland! My name is James Herrin II, I belong to the League of the South. A seccesionist group here in Dixie. We support our forefather's rights in 1776 and 1861. We do not believe that the civil war was fought over slavery, but over states' rights and taxation, and differing cultures. I am behind California seccesion 100%, and it aint because I completly disagree w/ all the west coast values and ways of liefe. Which, by the way, I find appaling. But, more to the point. My organisation supports the right of popular sovereignty. If the people of California decide that thye want to leave the Union you have the favor of the League, and probably the support of every Southerner in the South. People should be allowed to decide for themselves which flag flies over their capitol and to whom they pledge allegience and in what manner. If California were to seccede, I on behalf of the League of the South and the People of Dixe, wish you Godspeed. If you so c! hose you will find no quarel with anyone in the South. Mr. Bush is no conservative, we do not support him. He was only elected because he is more conservative than John Kerry. If you were to get any opposition it would be from him. And the people will shut him up quick. Let me bestow upon you a blessing: No matter how much I dispize the West Coast way of life, no matter how much I hate liberalism, I pray God that you will have a much easier time seeking freedom and liberty than our fathers did in 1861. You have friends at the League. May God shine His grace down on California.
--James (Rowlett, TX)

This is an interesting site. A couple things worth considering, though. For starters:
1) The argument that the "problem" in america is cultural conservatism is a flawed one. The problem in america is how our government itself functions; some quick examples would be the Electoral College, Hard/Soft money, the fact that we award corporations for harming our enviroment and ourselves, etc. This "cultural" problem is simply an exploited one; if the-powers-that-be decided that liberalism was as easily exploitable, they would manipulate us as well (as a matter of fact, they sometimes do). Bush's ilk, such as wolfowitz, rumsfield, cheney, etc. are aren't conservative--- some could argue that they are as aware of "class" issues as any marxist! It's simply that they have different "agendas" then your average american, i.e. corporate agendas. What I'm trying to get through is that culture, as usual, is not very relevant in the long run. It's economic power that we should be worried about. Which brings about my second point.
2) How can you ensure that we won't develop this same power scheme here, once we cecede? If it is true that California is the world's fifth largest economy, isn't then the implication that corporations will just as much an influence here? Sure, we would allow gay marriage and legalize marijuanna, but what about other things like rent control, (other) drug trafficing, healthcare, etc?
3) I would argue that one of the main reasons that the government of the United States is the way it is because of our inability to change. We are extremely inflexible, and (in my opinion) opposed to actual change. By we here I mean our legislators, of course. The system itself doesn't allow change. Look at the electoral college--an almost sure-fire way for the government to push it's will if the whole "democracy" thing doesn't work out (as per the 2000 election, but there are other examples). The democratic party is and has for the last century been just a muzzle for the Left, with examples like Kerry (who wanted to send 15,000 additional troops to Iraq), or Clinton or Gore or Dukakis or LBJ or whatever. Lastly, the US is TOO BIG. How can someone all the way in Washington, D.C. possibly dictate what I should do with my life here in California? What a disconnect! Look at the last election--every major urban area voted for Kerry, yet because of the combined weight of ! our non-city dwellers, Bush won. We have too many damn people! Look at other examples of large, beaurocratic societies, Russia, China, the former British Empire, Mexico, the Ottoman Empire, the Roman Empire, etc. Countries, if they must exist, must be smaller, if they are to be fair. I personally am much more concerned with my local/state government then with what the rest of the country is doing. In conclusion I'd say that the idea to secede is a great one, I'm all for it. But I'm afraid we'll have to be really careful-----

--Yochai (San Francisco, CA)
I believe it's time for the Republic of California to stand up to the rest of the country who would tell us how to live and declare our independence from this fascist regime.For too long we have carried this country on our backs,and now it is time for us to turn our backs on those who would hold us down.The main reason for my desire to leave The United States is that the seperation of church and state no longer applies.One nation under god indeed.I for one am not a religious man,but I'm sure that a lot of spiritual people feel the same way.And if we unite as Californians we can one day realize our dream of self reliance.Viva California,Viva libertad
--John (Albany, CA)

If this is going to be a successful effort, serious attempt must be made to engage constitutional scholars who can best identify the means by which to develop a strategic approach. We cannot afford to be seen as a group of "crazy Californians" - it is imperative that our political and economic power be demonstrated in a way that cannot be disregarded by the rest of the country. I am not suggesting the creation of a bureaucracy per se, but rather the continuation of the incredible grassroots effort that moveon made over the last couple years, refocused on the secession movement, and with a legitimate, identifiable, goal in mind. In sum, we must all individually ask and answer the question - "Is this goal realistic, and if so, how can I make it happen?"
--Pete (San Diego, CA)

Why just California???? Please, Ca and Or. and WA state would make a great country...or maybe Canada would take us. WA state is even bluer than Ca and we have water, water, water everywhere. It does worry me that your comments are soooo California-centric.
--Mary (Sattle, WA)

I love that this site and organization exist. Every year we pay so much more in tax money than we ever recieve back in services in california, and when they do spend the money it's for programs and wars we don't agree with. This country is much to large to accurately represent the beleifs and needs of the people who live inside of it. I strongly believe the U.S. needs to be made of several smaller nations, California , Washington, Alaska,Hawaii and Oregon should seceed as well as new england and northern states basically running from Michigan and wisconsin but grabbing chicago not illinois just chicago , then pennsylvania then maryland and everything north of there and they should all leave. We are being controlled by a government that we did not in the first election vote for and who while we did not vote for this time they convinced enough people in the middle of the country that they have Jesus on their side. Anyway, thanks again for this opportunity.
--David (San Francisco, CA)

The pursuit of empire, the destruction of our environment, the merging of church and state and the total disregard for human health and well being in order to increase profits for certain powerful corporations and individuals are not American or Californian values. With the increasing subjugation of California to international trade policies which deny California government the right to protect it's own people against the health hazards imposed by certain multi-national corporations, we are left with only one alternative and that is secession.
--Douglas (San Francisco, CA)

We deserve better than we have in DC. We can do it ourselves. We are not the only states that are moving toward this.
--Kerry (Los Angeles, CA)

While I'm in full support of California secession, I don't really see any feasible approach to making this a reality at this point.
The Governor of California is mounting a campaign to change the constitution in order to allow him to run for president (, even if we could get a bill passed by the legislative branch, The Terminator would veto the bill.
The second alternative to achieve secession would be to draft a ballot measure, get it approved by the department of elections, and then run the most powerful grassroots campaign in history to get it passed. I'd imagine that without some clever legal maneuvering, any measure involving a state breaking from the union would require a 2/3rd majority (or is the sole exception to the simple majority giving yourself a tax increase?).
The third approach to acheiving California secession would be a statewide direct action. A General Strike throughout the entire state of California would certainly achieve results.
But somehow, each of these approaches seemed a little too overwhelming for me to work to achieve. So we decided to start on a smaller scale and we started the free city movement.
About 10-15 people that responded to our call to gather together to draft a San Francisco Declaration of Independence were able to make it and we revised the original Declaration of Independence to apply to the current politcal climate (suprisingly few changes were necessary -- "king george").
After some polishing the completed declaration was submitted to the San Francisco City Attorney as a Declaration of Policy measure for the municipal ballot. The measure was approved by the city attorney and given an official title and summary.
The text of the ballot measure can be found at this website:
In order to get the measure on the ballot we needed about 10,000 signatures by July 5th. Lacking the volunteer base needed to gather that many signatures in the three weeks we had, the measure didn't make it on the ballot for this November.
Here's a video I created from the signing of the declaration, as a video submission for a job application.
I think that starting secession movements locally as well as state-wide may lead to success and I'm very much interested in helping out with Move On California and would especially like hear everyone's ideas on the logistics of actually making this happen.
--Josh (San Francisco, CA)

My only worry is our need for FEMA during large quakes. Could we afford to help ourselves or would we rely on the "generosity" of USA who only lends money to countries that swap land for their troops in return.
--Kevin (San Francisco, CA)

Im all for California being our own country. we have completely different values than the rest of America.
--Libby (San Rafael, CA)

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