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Comments from readers

New California Republic posts a select number of responses both pro and con. If you would like to contribute a longer, thoughtful essay favoring one view or another, please submit it to Paste your comments in the body of the email. No attachments please. Thank you for visiting New California Republic.

I am glad there are liberals who want to secede from this union that has been the victim of a hostile take-over by corrupt, brainless, theocrats with the sensitivity of a malignant cancer cell. Lead on.
--Sheila (Greer, SC)
I have been involved in alternative political involvement through my website, and I think its is becoming increasingly obvious that if we want to live in a society and have a government that values all citizens and wishes to make everyone’s lives better, instead of making their own portfolios larger we need to make our own country, because the one we live in now is moving away from those ideals.
--Matt (Davis, CA)
Come on up! Join Canada! We'd be happy to have you!
--Connie (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
I do not want to live in a theocracy. Specifically, I don’t want our schools to be turned into Christian madrassas where the children are taught blind devotion to a literalist-yet-incredibly-warped right-wing interpretation of the Bible. I don’t want our policies tempered by the idea that the second coming is coming. I could go on endlessly – read any of the other liberal kvetch-fests, and I’m with ‘em. I’ve long known that California was screwed by the Electoral College and by the Senate.
P.S. – Let the conservative inland counties join Nevada, Oregon or Arizona. They’d be as ideologically underrepresented in California – the Country as we are on the fringes of Jesusland. Orange County we’ll just send to reeducation camps.
--Dan (Vallejo, CA)

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In response to "MB from Philadelphia" (see comment below) -
Your comments squarely represent the sort of attitude we wish to fervently to be rid of. Please, you can have your United States of Bile! Just let us go, in peace.
I'm sure, MB, that being a "foreigner", you don't know much about our geography, or population displacement. So, let me just point out to you that the 'red counties, or which [we] have so many' represent a very minor segment of the total population of California. Of the 33 million people listed in the 2000 census (33 million!), 16m live in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, 7m live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and 2.5m live in the San Diego metropolitan area. That makes for a total of 25.5m people living in the 3 largest metropolitan areas of the state - 25.5/33! Now, granted, San Diego is red; and, parts of the Greater Los Angeles area are, as well, so let's subtract 2.5m for San Diego, and another 1m for the Orange County Republicans (must remember that a great deal of OC is Democratic - immigrants from Latin America, and Asia, etc.). So, with the subtraction made, we now have a solid blue population of 22.5m / 33m, and that doesn't count the blue population of the ! interior counties.
Ultimately, we could resolve our differences, here, without resorting to the further secession of Kern County, et. al. We are Californians, and as such, we all share a common viewpoint and common values that, I feel and hope, override the terrible red-blue schism being forced upon the entire US by you and your ilk.
Please, stay home, ok? Don't come here. Go to Florida, the Vacation State of the US of Bile.
--Cate (Walnut Creek, CA)
[Editor's note: The misspellings and typos in this comment have been left as is.]
I would just like to make several poits about Californian secession. First of all suceeding from the united states just because your guy wasn't elected president strikes me as being very petty. It is called democracy sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Secondly, Bush wasn't voted into office by just residents of "Jesus land" 44% of Califonians also voted for Bush, true more Californians voted for Kerry. But 44% is not an insignificant minority which could be easily overlooked. In order for succesion to go well you will need an overwhelming majority. As it is an attempted sucession now will probably result in many counties which went for Bush; like Inyo, San Bernidino, and San Diego counties to name a few; to suceed from Califonis which will leave California weaker. Thirdly, Califonia's status as the fifth largest eceonomy in the world was acheived under the umbrella of the United States. Even assuming that Californis can suceed peacfully it would than find itself alone in the world, cut off from the resources and security that the rest! of the United States provide. True California could prosper out side of the United States, but it would not be easy and would probably result in a weaker less prosperouse California. I would just like to implore you to consider these points as you contemplate a sucession which could be disasterouse for all involved.

--Seth (Bridgeport, CA)
The results of the current election have pointed out that the rest of the country is choosing a path towards religious conservatism. And because of the Electoral Colleges bias towards the less populated states, they are dragging California down that same path.
California represents 12.2% of the total US population but only represents 10.2% of the Electoral Votes. The significance of this disparity is obvious by comparing California to Wyoming:
California: (pop.) 35,484,453, (electoral votes) 55; Wyoming: (pop.) 501,242, (electoral votes) 3.
In California each electoral vote equals 645,172 citizens. In Wyoming each electoral vote equals 167,081 citizens.
I don't believe it is in California's best interest to have Wyoming votes be worth four times our own.
This inequality extends beyond just the selection of President. I don't belive 500 thousand Wyomings should be deciding what Supreme court judges preside over 35 million Californians. Nor should they dictate to us what our environmental or labor laws are.
Similarly their is an inequality in the tax burden California pays. Every year Californians give more money to the Federal government than they receive. For every $1.00 that Californians pay in federal taxes they get back $0.78 in federal spending. While the state of North Dakota receives $2.03 from the federal government for every $1.00 they pay in federal taxes.
California generates $1.4 trillion in GSP, we are a very efficient and productive state. Yet every year we subsidize less productive states with our tax dollars. In 2000 we sent $29 billion more to the Federal government than we received back in Federal spending.
Why must we financially support states that insist on saddling us with laws and policies we don't agree with.
I don't know what the legal, economical, or social ramifications of California becoming its own country would be. But I think it is worth having the conversation.
--David (Yuma, AZ)
I have long played with the idea of California becoming it's own country, but not until this most current election have I been so sincere about it. I would love to be part of this discussion and to learn more about next steps.
--Braden (San Francisco, CA)
I am so glad to see that someone is taking the idea of seceding seriously. I've been suggesting it for years! And I'm sure I'm not the only one. I have two other suggestions to consider: 1. all of the Blue states could secede together and form a new country, Or 2. we could all leave the USA and join Canada. Canada might be happy to have us. If we do separate, I hope we start by changing over to hydrogen power ASAP. Save what little oil is left for plastics. Hydrogen power is just about ready -- it's 'way closer than the press would have you think. Check out our website (on hydrogen, and an economic model for the future-- post-capitalism.) : Access Institute of Research Access Institute of Research is pleased to anounce it's Independent Affiliate ANS (Access News Service) now has a BLOG!! Well, keep working on separation! It's one of the best solutions. Taking over the media is the only alternative.
--Kim (San Mateo, CA)
As much as I hope for California secession, even if we are the red-headed step child of the US, being the 5th largest economy we will never be let go without a fight. No matter how much the right hates us. Trying to take Oregon and Washington with us would just make it a harder case as well. Not to mention with how many federal weapons and military bases we have, they would never agree to lose their access to the pacific seaboard and have to ask permission to fly over our airspace. And they really wouldn't like losing the tax money from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the farmlands and Microsoft. I don't wish to be a naysayer in this matter because its something I think about everyday and how great it would be. The federal government is just too deep(ly) engrained in the pacific coast to let go peacefully.
--Rayn (San Francisco, CA)
I support state secession, only because it is implicitly allowed in the constitution. There's nothing in that document to suggest that statehood is compulsory once enacted. That being said, IF a state is allowed to secede, would you lefties allow any of your red counties (which there are many) in CA to secede, or would you impose upon them the very same injustice of misrepresentation and illegitimacy of governance that you accuse the righties of? What about individual private property owners; would you extend to them the same courtesy of secession that you want for yourselves? I think we all know the answers to these questions, and they are a resounding no, because you left wingers are not interested in fairness and freedom, you are interested in installing your own flunkies in power to wield the same wicked sword of fascism against your supposed sworn enemy idealogues.
--MB (Philadelphia, PA)
As an Easterner and former San Franciscan, I find your ideas eminently sensible and thought-provoking. I'd like to see a constitutional amendment permitting the devolution of the US into semiautonomous regions with freedom of travel but the ability to set their own domestic policies. If Texassippi wants to enshrine creationism and outlaw birth control, let 'em -- as long as they let us have abortion rights and a progressive income tax. This may be the only way to stop debating the undebatable and return government to the consideration of real issues and real problems. Keep up the good work!
--Don (Boston, MA)
Won't nature take care of this secession for us? Realistically, there will be a substantial earthquake in the next 20 years. We can use that as our catalyst.
--Jeremy (Davis, CA)
This has been my dream since "Ecotopia" was first published. Count me in! (And I'll bet you've heard that exact sentiment more than once!)
--Atlant (Nashua, NH)
Let's not drop this ball!
--Dave (Roseville, CA)
First lets look at some history, Ecotopia. If you haven't read it I recommend it. In it CA,WA, and OR unite and form an independent Nation. But let's also consider an extension of this idea. Let's say OR,WA and CA unite in the West and New England States unite in the east. The west group could join Canada as American Columbia. The East group could become the Southern Maritimes. We would have a truly Great Country able to withstand any Superpower meddling.
--Kate (San Mateo, CA)
It is time for the us [Californians] to break-away from the rest of the "dead weight" a.k.a. the United States. I envision a new country borne from the current states of California, Oregon, and Washington. The Left Coast has a geographical kinship that's already established. In time the new country of "Pacifica" would encompass not only the entire west coast; yet also the Province of British Columbia to the north and the Mexican state of Baja to the south. Currently Governor "Ah-nold" is re-affirming California's place with the major markets of the Rim of Fire, i.e. our friends in Asia.
As for the military bases in San Diego, I say we the People of California ought to lease that land to the United States. If the U.S. can lease the land at Guatanamo Bay in Cuba, then they can cough up the cash for all that prime real estate in San Diego. Besides, our new fledgling country could use the cash. Yeah, I know that sounds kind of flippant. But, no one said that California was going to aligned with or part of the United States FOREVER.
The time to act is upon us.
--Robb (East Palo Alto, CA)

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