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Comments from readers

New California Republic posts a select number of responses both pro and con. If you would like to contribute a longer, thoughtful essay favoring one view or another, please submit it to Paste your comments in the body of the email. No attachments please. Thank you for visiting New California Republic.

Date posted
My interest in the movement is connected to my role as President of the California Public Parking Association, a not-for-profit group representing approximately 200 members from cities, campuses and private industry professionals in CA. Please see our website for more info. You may use our website address as a link to inform our members.
--Don (Hollywood, CA)
Almost any time a peaceful secession movement is going on, I support it! Best of luck California Republic! The rest of us won't miss you, and we hope you won't miss us!
--Mike (Ormond Beach, FL)
I live in Oregon, I grew up in Salem. When I started to get political and looking at the country as a whole, I came to realize that the west coast is really different than the rest of the country. Three major towns on the west coast are what the public consider Pro-gay. San Francisco, Seattle, Portland. The separatist movement resides in California right now, but if the Ballot measure ever came to Oregon. you'd have my vote for a unified country of even just California, Oregon and Washington. I also know a few friend in Vancouver, WA that would vote to separate also. So California, you're not completly alone.
--Theodore (Troutdale, OR)

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While I am real gung ho on the idea of California seccession, we have to put ourselves in Jeff's (Move On California organizer Jeff Morrissette) shoes for a second. Probably something that needs to be accomplishedbefore going for a ballot measure is hiring a lawyer - which will take $. Jeff is putting himself on the line with this website and even more so - if more concrete neccessary steps are taken. I plan on sending in my contribution ASAP - we need a solid foundation and to do this right. But make no mistake about it - we would be infinatley better off without the USA leaching from us both financially and morally. WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR OUR VALUES AND TAKE OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE IN THE FAMILY OF NATIONS!
--Steve (Petaluma, CA)
(NOTE: Thanks, Steve, I appreciate your vote of confidence. There is a donation button on the main page if anyone desires to make a monetary contribution, or a mailing address if you like.)
It's almost hilarious, last saturday morning I was telling my friend how california should secede from the US, how being a part of the US goverment is only hurting us, and I mentioned how these bible belt states are running our government, that it was time for a reform, and I even offered suggestions on how we could secede. Then later that evening I heard about this site on the news, I couldn't believe the coincidence! Regardless, lets move on! California for itself!!!
--Gustavo (Granada Hills, CA)
As a native-born son of California, it's disturbing to me how overwrought and mismanaged the state is because of US greed. California's economy is giant, it should cast off from America and conduct business on its own terms, both with itself and with the rest of the world. Such a move would greatly reduce the force by which the US exerts its will onto its own ppl and the rest of the world, indeed, the international community would embrace an autonomous California and would seek also to protect it.
--Trin (Portland, OR)
After the election I thought California should consider secession. I have lived in CA most of my life and I do feel we are ignored. So many of my friends were very depressed and some even cried after Bush won....I want to live in some other country. Bush is not my president. I don't like anything about him and think he is one of the worst presidents we have ever had.
--Cynthia (San Diego, CA)
I can imagine a happy scenario where California requests to secede and the red states say, "good riddance"; where programs and policies that reflect our local identites and beliefs can be put on the books, and where a state that's already a formidable economy on its own is recognized as a nation by other countries.
I can also see less happy scenarios; civil wars, ridicule, getting the "France" treatement from 49 states.
However, I believe that even the threat of California secession -- the fact that citizens of this state are contemplating the idea that the union no longer represents their beliefs, the fact that they care enough to want to do something about it -- I believe that that is incredibly powerful. I would be happy if California were able to secede. But I would be appeased if our elected officials took note -- if they realized the number of people who are effectively disenfranchised, because their views are not being voiced, because their morals are not being viewed as part of the "moral majority", because their needs are not being met.
If our desire to secede makes our legislators realize California's important contributions to the economy of the United States, and makes them strive to meet our needs and represent our views, then I will believe our job is well done.
--Trisha (San Francisco, CA)
If the propaganda on, the commentary of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh et al, are any indication, the redneck red states would welcome California moving on. Thankfully most of the people who voted for Bush are too arrogantly ignorant to realize by encouraging California to break away they would be losing more and we would gain from being our own country. Is there enough reason? If Bush succeeds in realizing his so-called mandate, the result would be an ideological regression that would be tyranny to most Californians. That was reason enough for the colonists to revolt from the rule of George the III. It's time for a new rebirth of freedom revolting from Bush 43.
--David (Lompoc, CA)
The religious right are not "fundamentalists" and one might question if they are truly "Christian" or merely a doppelgangerish evil twin. They have sabotaged the term "fundamentalist." In truth they are heretical and promoting a "Christianity" that is the opposite of the teachings of Jesus. What part of "my kingdom is not of this world", "turn the other cheek", "walk the extra mile," "blessed are the peacemakers" and myriad scriptures about not judging others don't they understand? The religious right are part of a heresy known as "Reconstructionism", "Dominionism" and has ties to the Latter Rain heresy.Aong other things, these loony tunes HATE true Christianity which shows them up as being the greedy, judgmental, bigoted sorts that they are. WE, the true Fundamentalists, are their enemy. We don't want to rule this world as those who speak as if they were us do according to their gospel --- the gospel of their Saviour, the corporate whore GW Bush. If one has read their literature they will find that the first people they will go after will be people who are real Christians. After that they will take their version of "Christianity" and slaughter the rest of you. I am one disgruntled Fundamentalist Christian who is annoyed with the hijacking of the term "Fundamentalist Christian" by the right wing Reconstructionist heretics. Call em what they are. If they are called Reconstructionists and heretics it takes power away from them. THey wear the term "Fundamentalist Christian" as a mask over who they really are. Tear the mask off of them and expose them for what they are.
--Cynthia (Hollywood, CA)
Here's a good read about how the "Red States" are actually the real welfare states.
I kind of like the whole Pacific Coast seceding, including Hawaii, and possibly British Columbia if they feel estanged from Canada. The people from the states that support Bush can also use their tax dollars, and send their family members overseas to fight his war for him without us.
--Rob (San Diego, CA)
California, nay, blue state secession, is an idea whose time has come. This is very true because just as a Georgian doesn't feel comfortable in Calfornia, a Californian wouldn't feel comfortable in Georgia. I live in the next state over in the *only* county that went for Kerry (Clark County, Nevada -- Las Vegas is the seat), and I could only hope that if the chance for secession presented itself, Clark County would join. It's a wonderful idea whose time has come especially for those of us that want to get off this out-of-control train before it slams into the wall of reality and destroys us all. I've lived in 2 blue states and I can say that they are really carrying the red states. And what do they get in return? A never-ending stream of religious doctrine, warmongering and endless corporate greed. Dissolution is the only solution.
--A (Las Vegas, NV)
if these fascists are bombing Iraq into the stone age - what do you think they would do to California if we tried to secede? How would we defend ourselves?
--Cathy (San Diego, CA)
Being a native born Southern Californian I've always felt like a foreigner when visiting the rest of the U.S.. We are way ahead of the rest of the country who look down their noses at us. I say become the California Republic like it says on OUR flag!!
--Joseph (Irvine, CA)
Several weeks ago I wrote a letter (which was not published) to my local newspaper advocating a referendum on Nationhood for California. The term Nationhood is less onerous when we consider the possible seperation, which however appealing, should be tempered with the notion that secession is unlikely and undesirable. California still shares a great geographic, social and political bond with America. California needs greater autonomy to mold its destiny as one of the largest economies in the world, and define itself as a socially progressive and dynamic society.
Recently I read a report on the Biotech industry in California, specifically the seven companies doing Stem Cell research in the San Francisco area. The report, from Forbes magazine, was critical of the companies and their research. The report confused business and politics in a way that underscores the issues. Calfornians approved the stem cell research bill, research which Washington opposes. In some ways California has already taken the first step, albiet a very small step toward autonomy. There are other issues where California leads the way, including gay marriage. Wedge issues which divide voters at the national level, could provide support for a California Autonomy bill in Washington. California is never going to be able to protect her borders with Mexico while immigration policy is being made in Washington. This is vital to protecing California, and the other states as well. Finally Nationhood seems inevitable at some point. The timing of these matters is always critical. Perhaps we have an opportunity now to achieve this goal. We have a governor who aspires to national leadership, and a national election system which has become a tyranny of minority constituencies and their narrow interests. California can do better.
--Dave (Vista, CA)
I was pretty much a leftie most of my life. I had a father who was a Democrat and a mother who was Republican. Lately I feel both sides leave much to be desired. Acting superior and suggesting seperation is not going to unite us. it seems rediculous to even consider we could stand alone. I am embarressed by both the right and the left. I do what I can in my own life to make this a better world. And there is plenty to do to help all our neighbors. I don't have time or interest in ideas like this. We have too much work to do.
--Susan (Capitola, CA)
This is an idea that in my opinon is long overdue. You have my support with your goal.
--James (Felton, CA)
This is an awesome idea! I've actually thought about this for quite some time and it is great that some one has taken some initiave. I am currently serving in the U.S. Navy but I would like to contribute in anyway I can.
--Matthew (Los Angeles, CA)
I don't think the idea will ever work. But I do believe there are 2 California's. If you look at a voting map you can see the difference in views. I don't like the idea that small states on the East coast elect the president. My idea is to divide the state. If you look at the blue/red map, north and south doesn't make sense, but an east and west would. We'd get 2 more senators. Just an idea that might work.
--Jim (Fresno, CA)
Alright guys lets calm down here. I am a liberal democrat, and I do not agree with the way that Bush & Co. are taking the nation. That said, secession is one of the worst ideas that I've heard in a while for getting the country back on the right track. Number one, California could never sustain itself as an inderpendent nation as the United States would immediatly place extremely high tarrifs, if not an embargo, on goods coming to and from California. This, along with the likely restrctions on travel that would be placed on U.S. citizens would cripple the Californian economy. If this didn't work, the U.S. would surely use military force to regain California, as secession is not constitutional (a precedent set by the civil war).
The government of the United States is set up as one that is run by the majority, and unfortunatly, right now the republicans are that majority. But ya know what guys, we just have to tough it out...complaining and proposing drastic courses of action arent going to help us get and votes in the congressional races in 2006 or the 2008 presidential race. I think we need to take a lesson from the republicans for once. From 1992 to 2000 Clinton was president. My father is republican and he absolutly hated Clinton, as did most republicans. However, they stayed positive, they didn't talk about the south seceding form the Union again, they focused on getting republicans into congress and a republican into the White House in 2000. And even though they used questionabel ethods to do so, we would haev done the same thing if we could have. Right now the liberals in this country are in a dark period, our views are just not being placed into law. Rest assured hwoever, when the country co! mes to it's senses, out views will be acted upon. Until then though, we just have to tough it out.
--Matt (Hampstead, MD)
The site sould be called (California Independent Annexation Organization).
--Sheldon (Santa Cruz, CA)
It's scary to hear talks of secession among people in the year 2004. Even though I hate Bush with a passion, we must realize that we are still a United Nation. We all may not agree on issues, but we must work together. The government would never go for it either, and all it will do is create another civil war. The first thing we must do is work on getting rid of the Electoral College. Instead of crying about the nation and how you hate it, get out there and do something to try and make it better. Running away from problems is not the solution.

--Mark (Huntington Beach, CA)
I Love California but I detest the way the u.s. govenment is tearing us Californians apart. Whatever means it would take to become an independent country would be a difficult but well worthwhile endeavor. America is not the gleaming jewel she used to be. A Califoria Republic would be a great addition to the United Nations! Let the rest of the USA bail on its responsibilty. Let's use our brains and do this thing right! The benefits would be many. The drawbacks would mainly be for the rest of the continent.
--Jeff (Long Beach, CA)
I would love for California to be it's own country. Imagine getting away from all of those corporate greedy little hands and fingers. Not only that but we can really be a democratic country. Getting rid of the stupid electoral vote. Heck, maybe we can elect a independent third party for once. Maybe the green party. Once we are a country we could probably concentrate on something important, something other than war, we can look for solutions to the green house effect. I'm pretty sick at the fact that California is the 5th largest economy and our tax money are wasted on government contract on warfare projects and other useless stuffs. I'm also sick of companies and people complaining that if we put regulations on companies and corporations business would leave the state. GOOD, leave the 5th largest economy. We don't need those companies because you can't realize California protential and it's protentials of making money.
--Anthony (San Gabriel, CA)
Let's not be led by the dross.
--Max (Los Angeles, CA)
Great Idea! Can you include Hawaii?
--Gary (Hilo, HI)
I think California would be much more efficient if we were independent. Our economy is outstanding, our views are extremely different from the union, and we have been making an attempt to progress but are held back by conservatives in Washington. Becoming independent would mean we can provide better services to our citizens and improve the quality of life.
--Daniel (Watsonville, CA)
Does anyone else out there still have a copy of "Ecotopia"?
--Dennis (Seattle, WA)
(Editor's note: Yes, "Ecotopia" is still available and is about $10.00 at eCampus--just click on this link: Ecotopia )
A few weeks ago I visited San Deigo, it was the first time I ever went to California and I must say that only a blue state could bring forth such a beautiful city. Your message is noble and logical. Just recently a small Okalahoma red town voted away $11 million for a local school because the school said no to a nativity scene. If they are willing do this in Red America imagine what they would do in blue state America where education is sacred. California does not have to face the world alone. I am sure a lot of New Yorker's and other blue Americans would love to join you. Please consider making this into a blue state America wide movement. The more we wait the worse it will get,
--Lamar (Brooklyn, NY)
After laughing my ass off on your absurd proposal, it dawned on me that you liberal nut jobs are STILL in denial that George W. Bush was re-elected President, and this is yet another atempt to circumvent reality. Okay, so lets say hypethetically that Calif suceeds, esentially becoming it's own "country"....How long do you think it would take the rest of the US or even Mexico to take Calif back? About a day or so, (Mexico would probably take 2 days, since we don't have much control of the border situation). Seriously, you should stick to issues you liberals are really good at, (Gay Marriage, higher taxes & more social programs), and leave California's politics to the real professionals! The election is over...George Bush IS our President elect; time for you all to take your own advise and MOVE ON!! (PS...I can't wait for Michael Savage, "The Savage Nation" to rail this on his show!!!)
--Keith (Salinas, CA)
If California leaves the union that would not be good for California; how would they support themselves? If a state did secede from the union; the union has the power to take all military arsenal away such all army, navy, air force, and California Police departments ;weapons, vehicles etc. If California could truly be (in)dependent without any help at all from The US then I’ll welcome it but that would never happen. California would have to coin and print there own money, write a constitution, select a type of government, president, prime minister or whatever they could decide. California would, bluntly, not have enough money to do so California would have to create their own army powerplants and coast guard. If it came to that California would have to return everything payed for by The US government and that would leave them in debt.
--Kevin (Washington, DC)
Easily the most asanine concept I have ever heard. I thought this website was a joke at first. Want to leave? Go ahead! Do the rest of the country a favor. I can't believe this is a serious concept. Have you any idea how destroyed California would be if it seceeded? Just because your state can't deal with its own issues and has to many problems of its own doesn't mean you need to come up with some crazed concept about how you are basically better than the rest of us or how basically we just use your state and its money. Figure out the problems you have created for yourselves and then maybe your state will be where you want it to be. I support gay marriage, I am Pro-Choice, and I support stem-cell research but seceeding is suicide for California. Think your ideas through before irresponsibly cause a spur-of-the-momemt rush. Trust me any interest in your idea you may have had so far, will quickly disperse.
--Evan (New Jersey)
I think the entire West Coast should do it. I would love to see it happen. Washington, Oregon and Cali should just combine together.
--Mary (Olalla, WA)
The constitution was made for a much smaller country in territory, and population. We have once again returned to the (1860) map which seems to be this countries balance point. The Red State Vs Blue State divide can only increase into the future. It is time now to consider a new (AU) American Union made up of seperate Republics, in an American Confederated Union. The present system of govenment is begining to fail.
1. How many times has Europe changed it's map, boundaries, political system, monitary system in the last (100)one-hundred years?In the last (50)fifty years? In the last (25) twenty-five years? and with the old Soviet Uniion gone, are forces for change still in the wind?
2. The Founding Fathers of The United States, even made it clear that the constitution would not remain forever, and that in nature as in world events their comes time for change. Forces for change are natural and we should embrace change. Thomas Jefferson felt that government should be abolisished every generation and reconstituted.
3. Abraham Lincoln was mistaken by his use of force to maintain what in the end will not, and cannot be maintained. Regional Forces will and are begining to pull The United States apart. Alaska, Hawaii and the states West of the Mississippi have very little effect on the Yankee Republic or the Republic of Dixie.
4. The Creation of The Republic of Alaska, The Republic of Hawaii, The Republic of California (Washington State, Oregon, Californis, Arizona, and Nevada), The Republic of Texas, The Sioux Republic, The Confederate Republic, The Union Republic, into an (AU) American Union of Confederated Republics, would be more in line with the new modern times.
5. We are a country of (300M) Three hundred million people, it take (12) twelve hours to fly by jet from Maine to Hawaii, (4)four hours to fly from Alaska Northern Slope to San Diego's Mexican Boarder. Regional differences are becoming deeper and deeper, it is time to do what the founding fathers said would become necessary. Create a new form of government for in line with our times.
--D.L. (El Cajon, CA)

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