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Comments from readers

New California Republic posts a select number of responses both pro and con. If you would like to contribute a longer, thoughtful essay favoring one view or another, please submit it to Paste your comments in the body of the email. No attachments please. Thank you for visiting New California Republic.

Date posted
Read the book Ecotopia, It may have been written in 1970 but it gives a realistic view of what could happen with an independent California (and Oregon and Washington).
--Jedediah (Santa Clara, CA)
During the Reagan years in the White House, I often thought of secession, but it seemed an impossible task. I'm beginning to think it really could happen, especially now there is a much clearer threat to our economy and culture. I am so angry with the direction of the US, and am ready to begin serious debate on California secession.
--Walter (Hayward, CA)

Erection ring for men!

I have thought for the last ten years or so that secession for California and the other 'blue' states is inevitable. The Progressive States of America has a nice ring to it, actually. States like New York and California will not sit idly by and watch decades of progress on civil rights issues and the environment go by the wayside because the Xtians want to take the country back to God...back to the days when segregation ruled and gays were stuck in the closet out of fear for their lives.
--Ray (Sacramento, CA)
We need to leave, take Oregon, Washington and most of Nevada (who cares about Las Vegas but without Black Rock mesa the kids will need passports to go to Burning Man, and I think Area 51 and all the UFOs should be ours) and offer Baja a chance to join us, as well. We need to join the European Union. We think the same. We need to do a lot more, but that can be explained later.
--Michael (-----, CA)
I think this is a fantastic idea. I love America, but the rest of the country is way out of touch with the Left Coast. Let's do this now!
--Carly (La Jolla, CA)
Ca imports elec. water. If indepen-dent, no more sweetheart deals on these necessities. Have to get own nuclear waste dump site. Braindrain to come as Livermore & Jet Propulsion Labs leave. No more FEMA money for disaster relief. How will Ca pay for the land the U.S.military presently occupies? With the existant state finances cannot even afford Camp Pendelton.

--Jim (Phoenix, AZ)
How do you intend to carry out your political program? What strategies, primary tactics and alternative tactics have you in mind to achieve your goal? Have you printed a comprehensive program on how a Free California can do better than the United States of Gilead? To win over large blocs of people, it is crucial that you have a thorough program on what changes, if any, that you wish to make. Also, you may need to form alliances and short-term united fronts in the drive towards California taking its rightful place in the international community, divorced from the Fundamentalist regime now unfolding. I am willing to help.
--Jesse (San Francisco, CA)
What a Joke! Why is California ignored? Because it fails to participate. We sent Boxer and Pelosi and as absolute demogogues. Don't forget, the vast majority of land mass in California voted for Bush. But the elitist in L.A. and Frisco, who believe they know everything, are the major voter block. Given independence we would be subject to their rule. Given a choice between more conservative values and more liberal values I choose the former, because in the long run I will maintain my freedom to choose. I send one child to public school and one child to private school. The difference is amazing. In one, the government tells me what my child is going to learn and in the other, I can choose. Look at the California public schools and you see the future of a California secession.
--Greg (San Diego, CA)
you liberals like to talk about how it is a waste, of all the lives lost in iraq, and of course the vietnam war. well, if all of you liberals are truly antiwar, then maybe you ought to educate yourself, on how many died during the civil war on both sides (600,000). you do realize that a states right to succeed(sic) was decided by the civil war, but you liberals have tried reinventing history, so much, you probably forgot.
--Kara (Kansas)
I'm glad we're finally talking about this. Our state made this nation what it is (or was), and now we are being treated like second-class citizens. I've always been proud to be Californian first and American second. I'm proud to be from a progressive state that's always on the cutting edge when it comes to human rights and civil liberties. Let's start by seceding economically and see how much the reds miss the dollars that come from the world's fifth largest economy.
--Gabriel (San Francisco, CA)
Although I believe unity is of more value than divisiveness, a state of northern california sounds alright to me.
--Russell (Berkeley, CA)
Via a link from Best of the Web Today on, I read your article on “Red babies, Blue babies.” There was something elsewhere on the site that indicated that it was satire, but after reading a few other articles, I think there are some stereotypes used frequently on that I would like to refute.
I consider myself a Conservative Christian in a Red State (Texas). My parents are Conservative Christians living in the same Red State. Therefore, I must:
1) Either homeschool my kid or send him to a Christian school (or want Creationism taught as science in the public schools).
2) Not understand sound scientific methods.
3) Not practice birth control.
4) Be narrowly educated.
5) Want to spend money taxed from people in Blue States.
It’s a sample, and I could go on, but that’ll do.
Here’s the truth of the matter:
I’m 32 with only one child, and it’s because I’m a firm believer in birth control, to the point of abstaining if no other method is available.
My child will attend public school when he starts kindergarten next year. I received my very scientific education at a place called the California Institute of Technology. I still have a soft spot for California (and I have a multitude of good friends there), and I return when I can (about once a year on average).
I would like federal income and outlay vastly reduced for everyone (all I want D.C. to do is: “provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”).
You may think that my political views are wrong, but you would be quite mistaken to dismiss me as an uneducated Bible-thumper, as is so often done on your web site.
Secession is hardly necessary. How about, instead, reducing the size and scope of the federal government, thereby increasing the autonomy of the several states? Do you want civil unions (or marriage) for homosexual couples in California? Knock yourselves out. Do we want to prohibit illegal aliens from getting driver’s licenses in Texas? We can do that.
As for the power of California’s representatives being marginalized in the federal government, it has considerably less to do with red and blue than it does with population and the bicameral legislature. States with low populations tend to get more federal dollars (proportionally) because their senators have power equal with those of the large states; throwing a little money at them to get the votes of the senators is done quite a bit. If less money were spent on tasks that do not rightly belong to the federal government, the inequity would decline. It’s also the case that a LOT of money is spent in and around D.C. on the bureaucracy, and even if everything were fair among the states, California would not get back a dollar in federal spending for each dollar it sent in taxes.
--Bryce (Houston, TX)
I cannot tell you how glad I am to see that the enlightened elites of this country have finally realized that they can never remake the U.S. to their own liking. Leaving IS your best option! I only wish you'd thought of it sooner. There is something dishonest about a minority whose views are radically out-of-sync with the majority attempting to impose its dogmas and doctrines by any means possible. Perhaps you might also consider joining Canada or the E.U. if the solo option fails!
--A.M. (Boston, MA)
Can we bring a few blue states with us? Maybe New York?
--Paula (Los Angeles, CA)
Secession is not really an option. Sorry...this would not ever come to fruition, not ever, without it leading to another war. Instead, why not look to the FreeState Project currently under way in New Hampshire? I think that both Democrats and Republicans are looking to support the original vision of our Founding Fathers, albeit in their own fashion. The Free State Project is trying to do specifically that by limiting the influence of the Federal Government on State's Rights.
--Kurt (Chino Hills, CA)
I have been perusing your site from time to time since the beginning of December, and I have yet to see you address the fact that while the majority of population in the state lives in "Blue" counties, a careful look at this year's county-by-county results would indicate that only 21 out of 58 of California counties voted blue - and perforce would be in favor of secession because of the alleged "conservative domination."
What would you say to the citizens of the 37 counties - comprising the entire Central Valley, Sierra Nevada (excepting Alpine County) and High Desert - who were in support of this President during the election? Would you make them come along by hook or by crook? And if so, what makes you different from what the Electoral College and those mean Red-Staters?
--James (Roseville, CA)
Thank you for exploring this option and for recognizing the dire situation we are facing. I'm sure there will be extensive opposition, but could you tell me what might be expected of a committee member? I am committed to many of the illegal alien issues, the deregulation of the national forests, and the disappearance of wildlife and the land that formerly sustained them. Thank you for you attention.
--Liz (Hayward, CA)
If this effort is to be led by anyone as dumb as Jeff it will surely fail. His article about the beliefs of Red State Christian families was so false and phony that he must be smoking some of that famous CA weed.
A Red Book survey on sex found overwhelming evidence that conservative Christians have more sex with more orgasims and more joy doing it. They use more birth control, (Catholics do not use, Evangelicals do use,)have fewer babies out of wedlock and fewer abortions.
They adopt more needy babies, do more charity and give more money to the poor and needy. Evangelicals are winnning by doing more. Liberals have less sex, kill their babies and fail to teach their children right and wrong so they become conservatives to find good values.
Just look at the giving to countries affected by the killer wave. Almost all charitable work is done by Evangelicals. Liberals spend their money on wilderness treks that feed them wine and cheese while Christians tend the earth and God created.
Rather than secede, just go to Canada and let the conservatives take it over sooner than we are going to now. After the Hispanics get wise they will vote with us in massive numbers and the Golden State will really be gold for democracy and capitalism as well as Evangelical fervor.
--Gary (Symmes Twp, OH)
I've been telling people California should secede from the US for several years now. The Republican controlled Congress set the stage for their takeover. Bush gave no help to CA after Enron raped our state, and even put them on the back burner to go after Martha Stewart, and CA was never paid back. Instead, it was used to engineer the recall coup. CA has enough resources to be our own nation and it would be a devistating economic blow to the US. America is not a democracy anymore, but a fascist theocracy rapidly establishing a police state; it must be abandoned. Along with Oregon and Washington (not to mention Vermont) also seeking secession, we could take the entire coast from this illegal regime, and it's high time we did so!
--Fred (Ventura, CA)
After having read all of Jeff Morrissette's rants about California I am surprised there was no mention about the biggest threat to California - illegal immigration from third world countries. Perhaps I missed something. Does Mr. Morrissette even live in California? From what perspective is he evaluating Californias flaws, the Moon? How can he speak on behalf of California citizens when he is so far removed from the real problem? While some of his concerns might be valid, I don't think they represent the biggest threats to our state. I really do think it might be in the best interest of California if we become independent from the federal government that is supposedly responsible for securing our borders, but there are many unanswered questions. Additionally, if the new California government is just as clueless about the real threats to California as Mr. Morrissette seems to be then the whole notion of independence is irrelevant.
--Bryan (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
If you put more emphasis on California's illegal immigration problem rather than focusing on religion, I might consider your idea more worthwhile. You make many good points but there's too much emphasis on the 'religious impact' and find it to be a bit far fetched when you compare it to the destruction caused by illegals. It's true, California needs some MAJOR overhauling! But not without addressing the illegal immigration issue as well.
--Marilyn (Inland Empire, CA)
Go! The sooner the better. I'd love to see you prosper with all the social handouts for all the illegals you so openly welcome. Leave, we support your independance. Make sure you take Striesand, Baldwins, Asners and the rest of your intellectuals with you. Bon voyage!
--Brett (Las Vegas, NV)
While the debate of California secession is fun (albeit unrealistic and improbable), I share Kevin’s sentiment that your attacks on Christianity are disturbing. I guess I'm a member of the so-called religious right. Guess what? We don’t have any secret meeting setting fourth an agenda, our leaders typically don’t tell us who to vote for, and we don’t desire a theocracy. We happen to have many values that are in common, but (in general) we don’t want legislate religion for that would defeat the purpose of faith (individual choice). Most of us don’t want religion taught in public schools, because we want our children to share our values. I don’t know of anyone that wants to make homosexuality illegal, but I’m sure saying things like that inflames your base. Most Christians believe in what the founders truly meant by the now misinterpreted and overreaching “separation of church and state”. Words which never appear in our constitution, but rather are contained in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists. Our constitution merely prohibits congress from establishing a national religion or prohibiting the free expression thereof. Even if you look at Jefferson’s own words in the context of the letters, it’s clear that his intent was not so much to keep religion out of government, but rather to keep government out of religion. If the religious right made this election happen, then it was probably a silent visceral reaction to the unrelenting assaults on religion. We have a teacher unable to teach the declaration of independence because it says that our “creator” has granted us certain unalienable rights. Forget religious, this is just history. We have a former governor that renamed the Christmas tree to the “Holiday Tree”. And of course the exclusion from public facilities all organizations which might have anything to do with God or even mention “God”. The religious right is not voting in a block, they are voting common values. You didn’t care for the results of the last election, but imagine how you would galvanize the base by polarizing an issue such as this with anti-religious rhetoric. It occurs to me that you want democracy so long as the results are consistent with your desires.
The framers of our country were wise men. I don’t see the same wisdom here. Where is your constitution (and please don’t tell me you want to adopt the hundreds of pages in the California constitution)? How will you rally support with no direction, just complaints. Do expect this to occur with no military action? The US founders gave us the “right to bear arms” and required a “well armed militia” so that we might protect ourselves from tyranny, but my guess is you dig gun control. Southern California imports a great deal of water from other states. How do we keep from being held hostage? Unlike Texas, we share a power grid with other states. How will you dismantle this infrastructure and ensure continued service? How do you intend on protecting our borders from those nasty Americans that just want to consume the endless array of social services you will no doubt establish? I’m just getting warmed up. I don’t think you have an inkling of the scope of this effort, or can you rally the necessary support within California to significantly move forward. This effort is nothing more than a joke. The US Constitution is well thought out. You have a better chance of fixing what’s broken here than creating a “better” country of your own. I agree your position on many of the problems we have in California, but in the absence of true “tyranny” I don’t find your solution plausible or desirable.
--Lee (Brea, CA)
I have lived all my life in California and it is the absolute best place in the world to live. I live in an area where I am about 1 hour from everything, beautiful mountains, sunny beaches, windswept deserts and great sports venues. I can take my son on a different adventure every weekend and the weather, while occasionally hot, is usually spectacular. These are the great things about California, now for the bad. I commute 134 miles round trip per day in ever increasing traffic to get to work. I pay over $700 per month to send my son to private school so he can have a proper education, and he is learning Spanish as an elective class, not as a mandatory one. Kids (14 and younger) with Spanish surnames and who spoke broken English broke into my brand new house in my brand new neighborhood. I am half Mexican, but my family immigrated here legally over 100 years ago. I know that I would be considered a traitor to my race by some of my family and friends, but the cold hard facts are that we cannot sustain an ever-increasing torrent of illegals coming over the border. It drains our economy, endangers those living here, and worst of all is that California has been completely abandoned by the Federal Government. We are not even a whistle stop during elections. I say that if our government has turned its back on us it’s time for us to turn our backs on it. If California, or even just Southern California, opted for Independence, at the very least we would get the attention of the government. The would see that Californians are tired of having our money taken from us to support other states and receive nothing in return. Saying that illegal aliens crossing our border by the millions is hurting California is not racist, it’s the truth and it’s time Californian’s did something about it.
--Jeffrey (Beaumont, CA)
Well if this is what we have to do to get attention and let the government know we are tired of being dumped on and not getting protection from the invasion from the south or reimbursed for the cost also. I am a native Californian tired of watching my state get raped buy the government and left to hold the bag when its all said and done. California for Californians sounds good but not as good as California’s destiny to be determined by Californians.
--Javier (Downey, CA)
Sounds good, but has some major problems. If we have nothing to do with the Federal government how do we handle social security, Medicare, FDA issues, Coast Guard, FAA, security of our borders, etc?
--Tom (Valencia, CA)
I'm a fifth-generation Californian, the descendant of pioneers from the South. Some of my ancestors are buried in Orcutt (near Sta. Maria), in what is now an historical-landmark graveyard. All I can say is, it's about time that we return to the original intent -- i.e.: the California Republic. All we aare to the rest of the U.S. is an ATM for projects we don't even support! Carpe diem!!
--Carol (Ventura, CA)
Thank you for standing up. The fact that we have a moron for a “president” that uses his religious beliefs to make decisions about my basic rights makes me sick. Doesn’t that kind of sound like the Taliban? I just want to go to bed for four years and hope for the best. Jesusland is evil and is looking to force religion on everyone. Again… it sounds like the Taliban to me.
--John (Van Nuys, CA)
Jeff, I heard you on the John & Ken show today. I will probably miss many things I'd like to touch on concerning this topic in this space... but here goes!
I would be for secession for numerous reasons. You mentioned the tax money that the fedgov sucks from California and Ken spoke of the illegal alien/border problem that our current leaders refuse to address. Both were good points.
I believe that division in general is a good thing (contrary to the current attitude of the globalist powers that be). Dividing Southern & Northern California into seperate countries could even have its merits.
Although I understand you just want to get the topic up for discussion, I have a serious problem with the anti-Christian theme that runs through some of the motivational remarks for considering secession. Please allow me to explain.
As a born-again Christian who believes the Holy Bible, I could not support any effort to create a radical, Socialist California as a country unto itself. What I could support would be a California country whose foundation holds to the founding documents of the United States (which are no longer adhered to by the U.S.) without a private activist wresting of the actual written words.
I believe one of our greatest failures as a people is the failure to discipline ourselves to see politicians and political parties for who they really are. Along with that, we fail to stop voting for those who sell us out on the premise that any vote not for a Republican or Democrat is "throwing a vote away".
I believe, in reality, that the two major parties are simply variant philosophies of a Socialist model.
The Republican Party is much like Nazi Fascism with its public-private partnerships and hyper-patriotism. Having departed from true conservatism and embraced a fraudulent Socialist form (neo-conservatism), we get attacks on liberty like the Patriot Act.
The Democratic Party is much like Soviet Communism with its welfare-state ideas of income redistribution, banishment of God and Jesus Christ from the public square along with tax burdens to stifle the spirit of individual accomplishment.
While I take issue with your idea that the Southern states had a wrong moral reason for trying to secede (as a matter of free will, to do so is never wrong), I think what happened to them would likely happen to California as well. That being an attack by the rest of the Union (Civil War) to bring California back in. For kingdom-builders with big brother dreams, independent thinking, segregation and secession threaten their empires.
--Kevin (Upland, CA)

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