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Perhaps you should take a look at the red and blue map of California counties. If only the blue counties secede, you won't have a viable nation. If somehow the whole state secedes, what's to prevent the red counties from seceding from the nation of California and rejoining the United States? You could hardly deny the right of political subunits to secede from the nation of California when you insist on the right of the political subunit of California to secede from the United States.
--B. Beck (Whittier, CA)
While I agree that the philosophical divide between red and blue needs to be addressed, this secession idea is totally unrealistic. The US will use military force, if necessary, to prevent secession. How many anti-war blue people will be willing to fight for what they believe? Or, if they somehow managed to attain independence, would join the military to defend that country? California indeed is valuable many countries would be willing to invade in order to rule it? California as an independent country would be very short-lived.
--Elizabeth (Vallejo, CA)
I think it's clear that California Secession is not really practical, at least without years and years of preparation. Its also obvious that many living here would feel literally kidnapped by a new government, much like much of San Francisco feels now. I also shutter to think what would happen to the rest of the US without the moderating influence of a strong progressive opposition. Then there's the purely practical fact that we're in debt up to our eyeballs right now. That being said; the idea IS amazingly attractive, and not because of the unfortunate result of one or two elections. I like the idea of splitting up the world's only super power—effectively reducing the US's ability to selfishly strongarm the rest of the world. I believe California's progressive politics would breed fresh ideas and interesting experiments, such as our stem cell initiative—something were limited in doing under the yoke of a strong federal government. I would be proud to say, "I'm a Californian" when I travel abroad and I think we could do a lot of good on the world stage. California is a large, diverse and beautiful state, we would make a truly amazing country. This sort of change takes a huge toll though, and while dialogue is always useful, things would need to get a lot worse to make it worth the cost.

--Kevin (San Francisco, CA)
California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montanna, Wyoming, and maybe...Nevada? Eco-topia, anyone?
--TJ (Dolan Springs, AZ)
We have laws against monopoly in business enterprises because competition brings inventiveness, fresh viewpoints, greater service, lower prices, and many other benefits. For the same reasons, we must not let one kind of government or ideology have a monopoly. Friendly competition among states or countries is the only way each individual is going to find a place to live that "feels right." We are never going to all be happy living under the same system. I heartily support all sucessionist movements.
--Brian (Salt Lake City, UT)
I indeed favor a limited form of secession—specifically, the Nine Counties of the Bay Area, with the contiguous North Coast and Central Coast counties. The reason for this limited approach is twofold:
{1) In the multiple maps showing the county-by-county vote totals, it can be shown that the only three counties south of the Monterey-SLO county line to vote for Kerry were Santa Barbara (54%), Los Angeles (63%) and Imperial (54%). The entirety of the theoretical support for such a measure as secession would logically (and logistically) come from the North and Central Coasts and the Bay Area.
(2) I find it ironic that you propose to drag 38 counties of this state into a new nation because of the fact that the people of 20 other (admittedly more populous) counties might disagree with the outcome of one election—all on the premise of protecting them from the predations of the policies that the people of the 38 red counties had clearly voted for—and for which their electoral voice was muted by the 20 blue counties. To paraphrase Geddy Lee of Rush, "Those who know what's best for us, must rise and save us from ourselves."
Is this truly what you propose?
--J.W. (Roseville, CA)
PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE... leave. And soon. I'll be on the Nevada border waving goodbye to you! No longer being subjected to, abused by, or responsible for Kalifornia would be the GREATEST thing to happen to the United States of America since 1776. Send a post card when you get where you are going! See ya! So long! Adios! Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out!
--Keith (Norfolk, NE)
Who's that idiot who said, "It sounds like you're advocating the overthrow of the government. Isn't that against the law?" Hasn't he read the Declaration of Independence: "right to alter or abolish" the government? Or are we to suppose that the Declaration of Independence is "against the law." Besides, secession is not "the overthrow" of any government. The government of the U.S. would go on without interruption... the only change would be that our Congressmen wouldn't show up in D.C. So what? Big deal. D.C. can go on governing the other 49 States as if nothing happened; how is that "overthrowing" the government.
--CB (Modesto, CA)

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To say that California has the 5th largest economy is not really true. It has such because of it's "free Trade" staus with the other 49. Most large companies, those able to afford it, would move out, especially defense contractors. Trade barriers with the USA would most certainly be established by the US. The US government would pull out all military. That means every military installation. How much of that and the related industry is CA's economy? Since most of LA's water and power comes from out of state, there would be shortages unless you would be willing to pay a lot higher rates. Technology would be under export control. As Non-US Citizens, your tech sector would be crippled. The larger USA could absorb some loss, but most tech companies would probably move if they could. Currency and Banking. What would you use? Defense? Would Mexico gobble you up? Me thinks your planned welfare state would collapse upon itself in a matter of months. It makes me wonder. Ya'll question the intelligence of those of us who voted for President Bush, but you folks come up with some really DUMB ideas and this is one of them. You lost an election. GET OVER IT. Lick your wounds and try again. History shows that eventually things will change back. You are acting like 5 year olds. "I lost the ball game so I'm gonna take my ball and go home." Grow up!
--Mike (Tacoma, WA)
I find it somewhat humorous that you have secession, civil war, and the "hope to bring about dialogue and discussion". I've got an idea: how about instead of staring down your noses at republicans, replete with your social elitism, why not try and dialogue with them?? Gay marriage? I could not care less, you know what does piss me off? The Mayor of San Fransisco flouting and thumbing his nose at the law and inviting thousands to do it with him. Instead of trying to change people's hearts and minds, and then let the Democratic process run its course, you just try and ram your socially utopian script, penned in San Fransisco, down our throat. You know what the saddest thing about this is? I just had to explain to my six year old (who stumbled onto your site) what secession, the civil war, and your civil war means. He kept asking the same question over and over again: why do we want to leave America cuz someone cannot marry.
--Scott (San Diego, CA)
Secession movements have been developing on the west coast for some time now, but beyond reasons of bigotry and neo-conservatism. This country for several years now has continually favored the elite, and many people on the West Coast, including myself, believe we can create a smarter, healthier, freer, and more sustainable nation. I am not one to make this a left v. right issue; secession should be for all walks of life. I created a yahoo group called SavePac, which is aimed at either uniting the West Coast States and Provinces, or creating a secession movement for the entire coast (Alaska, Yukon, B.C., Washington, Oregon, Jefferson, California). I aggree that such talks will send a message to Washington D.C. that democracy, freedom, and sustainability is much more important than imperialism, war, surveillance, and invasion of privacy.
--Collin (Portland, OR)
I hope you are successful and good riddance to you and the Hollywood trash elite that are so out of touch with America. They think that just because they make movies that we care about their political opinions. They just don't get it. They won't be getting my money anymore. I can defintelty do without the trash generated from the hell hole. I for one would not miss you at all!
--Nikki (Albuquerque, NM)
I think that secession and personal sovereignty are linked. We are the ones who determine the course of our lives. (R)evolution is inevitable. What Americans think of as their government can be unthought; it only exists to the extent that we recognize it or fear it. Ignore it and it will go away.
--Cary (Omaha, NE)
While I understand that you are unhappy with the outcome of the election and the seeming dominance of the red states, if you were to attempt to secede you can guarantee that it would be met with military force by the Feds. Any secessionist could be tried and executed for treason. I would recommend that you look at more realistic options such as repairing the Democratic Party rather than a military solution, which is what secession is. I was under the impression that liberals abhorred violence. But with secession that is exactly what you would create.
--Keith (Orange County, CA)
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